“CTT VIETNAM” was founded on the foundation of VIETNAM CONSULTANCY AND TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD., A company providing consulting services – monitoring, technical design, training and technology transfer to the industry. shipbuilding and offshore construction.

Our range of services includes new construction and project management, basic design and ship details, all ship architecture services, structural analysis, technical services and maritime commerce. , shipbuilding development services.

“CTT VIETNAM” has built a reputation for excellence and reputation in managing and implementing ship design and building projects. Our team includes engineers, design architects, production monitoring engineers, machine-electrical engineers, with a knowledge base and a high level of expertise to perform most types of designs. Modern ships and high-tech maritime projects. From the idea, right to delivery and then, “CTT VIETNAM” provides customers with a professional and disciplined project management service. From evaluating shipyards and signing contracts immediately to ship delivery and ensure calm handling. “CTT VIETNAM” strives to provide its customers with a comprehensive and comprehensive management solution. Customers who come to us will be using the best services to get the best and most effective products.